Ntmurk2011302601 Network is an American television channel. It was founded in June of 1985 by Bordish Mr. Bordish Their brother channels are Channel Voltaic Channel, Meowflash Channel The Meowflash Channel, TV Qem95 TV and 3MTV. The voice of the announcer is AT&T Mike and sometimes Speakonia Male #3 (Eddie).

Announcer Voices

  • Main - AT&T Mike - Line: "This is Ntmurk20113026301 Network"
  • Next Announcer - Speakonia Eddie - Line "What's up next? It's (Show Name)! Only on *Ntmurk20113026301 Network!"
  • Idents - AT&T Rich - Line: "You're Watching Ntmurk20113026301 Network"
  • Push Back - IVONA Eric - Hey guys! Ntmurk20113026301 Network has awesome shows! And next, It's (Show Name)! This is Ntmurk20113026301 Network!
  • Sign Off - IVONA Brian - Hey guys! Were done for tonight, but the fun always continue! Go to [[1]] for more fun! Also you can also watch on Phone, Tablet, Demand and even the website! So our broadcasting is done for today. And we will continue on 6:00pm, so set your alarm! And now, call the adults to watch our not for kids channel.
  • Later - Qem95 - Line: Hello! Guess whats up later after this show? Yep! Its (Show Name)! This show will come on after the show that's on right now. This is Felipebross Network!


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DAYLIGHT Felipebross Network

The block is seen on morning hours for preschoolers.


The block is seen at 9:00 pm until 6:00 am PT/ 12:00 am until 9:00 am ET, but fridays at 12:00am until 6:00am PT/ 3:00 am until 9:00 am, is seen adult and teen animations like Superjail!, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Family Guy.

Network Eddybross Network

Mon 2:00am-2:00pm

Wed 7:00am-1:00pm

Fri 9:00am-12:00pm

Sun 11:00am-12:00pm

Lily-Felipe Network

The block seen on:

Sun: 1am-6am

Tue 4am-9am

Thu 5am-8pm

Fri 9am-7pm

Sat 10am-2am

Ntmurk20113026301 Network Fridays

12:00am-11:59pm Friday PT/

1:00am-12:59am Friday MT/

2:00am-1:59am Friday CT/

3:00am-2:59am Friday ET/


    • Felipebross Network
      • Felipebross Network HD
    • Daylight Ntmurk20113026301 Network
    • Ntmurkcast
    • Object Channel
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Gamatic
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Movieclik
    • Scratch Network
    • MeowNtmurk Network
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Cinema (Movieclik in UK)
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Anime Network
    • Ntmurk20113026301 XD
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Comedy Network
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Retro
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Network Fridays
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Weather

Night Channels

    • Ntmurk20113026301 Adult Network
    • Ntmurk20113026301 Horror